Machine Learning is a science that enables machines (especially computers) to learn from environments and make own decisions.

Research Activities

  • The Machine Learning Laboratory (MLL) carries out research and develops different theoretical foundations for machine learning such as:
  • Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Statistical Learning Theory, Multi-agent Systems, Game Theory and Mechanism Design, Blockchains, Explainable and Fair AI
  • How machines and multi-agent systems should help in planning activities by learning from environments
  • How learning gets affected if different machine learning and multi-agent systems algorithms are trying compete instead of cooperating
  • How machines should learn in the presence of noisy environment or partial supervision
  • Role of deep learning in planning, reinforcement learning, AI in game theory, blockchains and its applications
  • For more details: Research Projects

Recent News

  •  Three of our papers get accepted in AAMAS 2022
  • Our paper, ‘How Private Is Your RL Policy? An Inverse RL Based Analysis Framework’ got accepted for presentation at AAAI 2022
  • MLL’s Team in collaboration with TCS, VidyutVanika wins the PowerTAC 2021 Tournament
  • One of our paper got accepted for presentation at Young Researcher’s Symposium, CODS-COMAD 2022
  • Two of our papers get accepted in ICONIP 2021
  • Four of our papers get accepted in Wi-IAT 202
  • Our paper “Towards Mobile Distributed Ledgers” has been accepted for publishing in the IEEE Internet of Things Journal.
  • Our paper “Building Ethical AI: Federated Learning Meets Fairness and Privacy” received the best paper award at Deployable AI (DAI) 2021. 
  • Three of our papers got accepted at PRICAI 2021
  • One of our paper got accepted at ECML 2021
  • Two of our papers get accepted in UAI 2021
  • Our paper “We might walk together, but I run faster: Network Fairness and Scalability in Blockchains” received the Best Poster Design Award at AAMAS 2021
  • Our paper “Ballooning Multi-armed Bandits” got accepted in AI Journal 2021
  • One of our papers get accepted in Privacy Preserving AI (PPAI@AAAI21)
  • Two of our papers get accepted in AAMAS 2021

Contact Us

Machine Learning Laboratory,
Kohli Research Block,
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500032