Machine Learning is a science that enables machines (especially computers) to learn from environments and make own decisions.

Research Activities

  • The Machine Learning Laboratory (MLL) carries out research and develops different theoretical foundations for machine learning such as:
  • Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Statistical Learning Theory, Multi-agent Systems, Game Theory and Mechanism Design, Blockchains, Explainable and Fair AI
  • How machines and multi-agent systems should help in planning activities by learning from environments
  • How learning gets affected if different machine learning and multi-agent systems algorithms are trying compete instead of cooperating
  • How machines should learn in the presence of noisy environment or partial supervision
  • Role of deep learning in planning, reinforcement learning, AI in game theory, blockchains and its applications
  • For more details: Research Projects

Recent News

  • Two of our papers get accepted in UAI 2021
  • Our paper “We might walk together, but I run faster: Network Fairness and Scalability in Blockchains” received the Best Poster Design Award at AAMAS 2021
  • Our paper “Ballooning Multi-armed Bandits” got accepted in AI Journal
  • One of our papers get accepted in Privacy Preserving AI (PPAI@AAAI21)
  • Two of our papers get accepted in AAMAS 2021
  • One of our papers get accepted in CODS-COMAD 2021
  • One of our papers get accepted in PAKDD 2021 
  • Two of our papers get accepted in the WINE Workshop on Game Theory in Blockchain 2020
  • MLL student Sankarshan Damle banged the prestigious Ripple-IIITH PhD fellowship for pursuing PhD in blockchain related areas.
  • Two of our papers got accepted in ACML 2020
  • Our lab members secure PhD admits with coveted research groups around the world: Susobhan Ghosh with the EconCS group at Harvard, Moin Moti with HKUST, and Rohith Gangam Reddy with UCI

Contact Us

Machine Learning Laboratory,
Kohli Research Block,
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500032